New Mix: Black is the New Yellow – DJ Mix by Janne Tavi

On my last Berlin trip I recorded this 1h podcast. This time we’re back in the deeper end of the musical spectrum.

Track List:
01 Satoshi Fumi – Sylp [Hypnotic Room]
02 S.A.T. – The Rig [Ibadan Records]
03 808 State – In Yer Face (Bicep Remix) [Feel My Bicep]
04 Djuma Soundsystem & Yann Coppier – Anyimo feat. King Ayisoba (Jerome Sydenham’s Ibadan Deepstrumental) [Crosstown Rebels]
05 Tony Lionni – Found A Place [Ostgut Ton]
06 King Force – Doggie Style (Original Mike’s International Club 12″ Mix) [D.J. International Records]
07 Atmosfear – Dancing In Outer Space (The Revenge Rework 2) (Jerome Sydenham’s Special Edit) [Promo]
08 Basil – City Streets (Kerri’s Club Mix) (Jerome’s Black is Back Special Edit) [Promo]
09 John Daly – 2 [Running Back]
10 Janne Tavi – Restless [Apotek Records]
11 Jimmy Edgar – Submission [Ultramajic]
12 Truncate – Wave 1 [Truncate]
13 Ron Trent – Urban Skylinez [Apotek Records]
14 Lo Hype – Route 50 [Ibadan Records]
15 Octave One feat. Ann Saunderson – Black Water (Full Strings Vocal Mix) [430 West Records]
16 Jerome Sydenham & Janne Tavi – Zenobia [Apotek Records]

Recorded live at Ibadan Studios, Berlin.

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New Mix: NovaFuture Blog – Janne Tavi plays Ibadan Records

New mix out on NovaFuture blog

Check out the post on NovaFuture Blog’s website

Track List:

01 Dennis Ferrer – Jero EFX [Ibadan Records]
02 Jerome Sydenham & Dennis Ferrer – Jero (Extended Version) [Ibadan Records]
03 Radio Slave – Absolute Absolute (Jerome Sydenham Remix) [Apotek Records]
04 Macroism – Drone (Jerome Sydenham Remix) [Apotek Records]
05 Spin & Flow – Universal Rhythm [Ibadan Records]
06 Jerome Sydenham – Disciple Trail [Apotek Records]
07 Lo Hype – All Alive (Jerome Sydenham Retouch) [Ibadan Records]
08 Jerome Sydenham & Kerri Chandler – Beat Down [Ibadan Records]
09 Basement Jaxx – Jaxxapella 5 EFX [Ibadan Records]
10 S.A.T. – The Rig [Ibadan Records]
11 Toto Chiavetta – Become One (Jerome Sydenham Special Edit) [Ibadan Records]
12 Kerri Chandler – Atmospheric Beats (Original Extended Version) [Ibadan Records]
13 Jerome Sydenham & Dennis Ferrer – The WJ [Ibadan Records]
14 Jerome Sydenham, Shinedoe – Mirror Lines (Raw Dub)[Ibadan Records]
15 Carl Craig – Angel (Jerome Sydenham Special Edit) [Ibadan Records]
16 Kerri Chandler – Atmosphere (Jerome’s Runaway Dub) [Ibadan Records]
17 Jerome Sydenham – Bad Dog [Apotek Records]

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On the Road: Crate Diggers’ Record Fair in Berlin

Jerome & Theo

Theo Parrish popped by the Ibadan stand

What a dope weekend! On September 24th Discogs arranged its international record fair series Crate Diggers in Berlin. Naturally I was very excited to take part as a vendor and crate digger. The whole event was very organised (a big shout-out to the super friendly Discogs staff and Prince Charles) as we walked in, we were greeted and guided by the Discogs staff. After getting settled in our booth, it was nice to walk around the market place and meet other vendors from around the world. To my surprise we were the only independent record label at the record fair. Honestly I found that to be very odd as Berlin is filled with several new emerging imprints…

The record fair in full progress

The record fair in full progress

The highlight of the fair, at least for me, were the independent vendors from Berlin. These vendors (mostly 60+) were selling second hand vinyl in almost mint condition. I spent roughly a good hour going through old Soviet bootlegs of American primetime hits. I also managed to get my hands on some actual Russian “ribs” (Музыка на рёбрах)! I had heard of these sorts records from my grandparents, but had never actually ran into one. For more: check out this dope documentary on the 1950’s Russian black market for gramophones (sorry in Russian only).

Ibadan boys holding the fort!

Ibadan boys holding the fort!

We reached the peak around 17:00 as people began turning up more and more. I was positively surprised by the warm welcome we received as an independent label. The visitors had a lot of questions about our new releases, possible represses and events.
The record fair was from 12:00 to 20:00 followed by a killer after-party with Theo Parrish and Marcellus Pittmann at Prince Charles.

The day's catch: 10" New Order - Blue Monday

Catch of the day: 10″ New Order – Blue Monday

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Ibadan Records @ Crate Diggers Record Fair



On Saturday 24th of September 2016 Ibadan Records will take part in the Crate Diggers Record Fair. For those ones who are not familiar with “Crate Diggers” event series, it’s a record fair arranged by Discogs, the world’s largest music database and marketplace. They’ve been doing these events since 2014, the first being held at Portland, Oregon with following vinyl fairs in Los Angeles and Miami.

This time they’re doing an event in the heart of Europe, Berlin. It’s always heartwarming to see the music community coming together to listen and socialise around the topic of vinyl. As soon as we heard about Discogs doing an event in our backyard, we jumped onboard to help the community. The last time we took part in a vinyl market was March 20th, 2016 for Breakfast & Vinyl at Markthalle Neun. So I’m really glad to be back behind the stand on behalf of our label.

Hope to see familiar faces on Saturday. You can ask our friendly staff for recommendations 😉

Event link on Facebook: HERE

Check out the FACT Magazine’s Article

P.S. If you’re interested in hearing out what we’ll be brining to the market, check out the below playlist.

There’s a first time for everything…

It’s 11:00 PM on my campus as I’m writing this. I literally spent the whole day in the library brushing up on econometrics and the thought about spinning at Panorama Bar had not even crossed my mind…. not. Next week, huh? It’s surely gonna be something special. Behind the decks Jerome Sydenham, Seth Troxler, Tyree Cooper and yours truly, the 24-year-old pale-faced Finn surrounded by industry veterans. There are some events you really look forward to and this is one of them. I remember walking into Panorama Bar for the first time when I was 18. I was amazed how the DJ could control the atmosphere of the whole floor and how it went through several moves throughout the night. After moving to Berlin in summer 2014, the establishment quickly became one of my favorites. I’ve been on the floor countless times until the closing and I always kept thinking what it would be like behind the wheels of steel.

Flyer by  Anselm Dästner

Flyer by Anselm Dästner

Last year we had our 20th label anniversary at Panorama Bar, which undoubtedly was phenomenal. This year we’re continuing with the same spirit. In addition, Seth is back and is joined by Chicago’s Tyree Cooper. I’m sure we will hear a couple of Ibadan classics during the night. If you’re in Berlin, come say hi and let’s have a drink – or two after my set. It’s gonna be the Finest Friday in town.

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Event on RA: Finest Friday – Ibadan Nacht
Event & set times on Berghain’s website